Monday, October 1, 2012

One Mind for Research

I recently read about One Mind for Research and feel like this organization can make a difference.  Here’s their Mission Statement:

Our Mission: One Mind is a new-model non-profit organization that will take the lead role in the research, funding, marketing, and public awareness of mental illness and brain injury, by bringing together the governmental, corporate, scientific, and philanthropic communities in a concerted effort to drastically reduce the social and economic effects of mental illness and brain injury within ten years.

Interested? Here’s a link to the site:

I learned about One Mind for Research from a Forbes article that I also found provocative. The article asks the simple question: “Why is there an American Cancer Society and not an American Brain Society?” I feel like brain tumor victims live at the intersection of cancer research, brain tumor research and just plain brain research. At the moment, though, the American Brain Society doesn’t really exist. Garen Staglin, whom this article focuses on, seems like a guy how can create an American Brain Society and make a difference. Here’s a link to that article:

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