Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest brain tumor celebrity: Cardinals analyst and talk-show host Chris Duncan

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Cardinals analyst and talk-show host Chris Duncan was back on the air, albeit briefly, Monday, and said "a tumor in my head'' is what had kept him off the WXOS airwaves for three weeks. "I had it removed and I'm doing well now,'' he said in a brief appearance on 101.1 FM's afternoon drive-time show, a program for which he normally is a co-host.
Duncan went to Duke University's medical facility to have the operation performed.
"I feel really lucky I got a chance to go down there and have the surgery and get the tumor removed,'' he said. "I feel great right now. Hopefully I can come back as soon as possible and rejoin you guys.''
He works with Randy Karraker and D'Marco Farr, and the program is the highest-rated local sports-talk show in the St. Louis market. And Duncan, a former outfielder who won a World Series ring with the Cardinals in 2006, is on the comeback path.
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My favorite book blending pro baseball and a brain tumor is, of course, Liz Holzemer’s  memoir entitled Curveball: When Life Throws You a Brain Tumor -

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