Friday, October 12, 2012

Meningioma Stats from Dr. Rosenfeld, Concern from me

Parade Magazine asked Dr. Ira Rosenfeld “What Is the Prognosis for Someone With a Meningioma?” 

Most of his answers fit what I know about Meningioma.  The following comment, though, gave me something to think about: “The total removal of the meningioma is possible in about 80% of patients with benign tumors; about three-quarters of these patients survive at least 10 years without a recurrence.”

Hmmm, my meningioma tumor was only partially removed. Does that mean my chances of recurrence are higher? And why does10 years, all of a sudden, seems like an awfully short time.

And here’s Dr. Rosenfeld’s rather impressive bio:


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Increased intracranial pressure eventually occurs, but is less frequent than in gliomas.
For nearly 10 years, the Brain Science Foundation has driven research into the causes, treatment, and understanding of meningioma tumors. In fact, the foundation launched to fill the need for innovation in this poorly understood and understudied brain tumor.

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