Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seven-year journey from husband to cancer patient to improbable father

I just read a father’s day story written by Kevin Kunzmann of The Star-Ledger in New Jersey that made me believe in real life happy endings. It’s a great story and I needed to read a happy brain tumor story ending because so many of them don’t end in happy endings. 

Here’s the core of the issue:

“Not quite two months after he and Walton were engaged, Davis, a boat salesman from Brick Township, was at work when he suffered a sudden seizure. He would later call that moment ‘the most bizarre type of event’ he’d ever experienced.

"It caused me to go see my regular doctor, and I wasn’t one of those people who went to the doctor very often," Davis recounted last week. "So I went, you know, just to be cautious, to get an MRI."

He had developed a brain tumor. A neurologist immediately referred him to Joseph Landolfi, the director of neurology at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison. He and Walton were there within a week.

More tests revealed that surgery was risky since some of the tumor had grown within the brain’s visual nerve pathways, Landolfi said. Removing it could leave Davis, an avid golfer, partially blind.

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