Monday, October 13, 2014

GBM Brain Tumor Victim Brittany Maynard Choses to Die on Own Terms

The doctor says “Glioblastoma, Stage IV.” Her answer: “Death with Dignity.”

It didn’t really happen that simply or easily or succinctly, but that’s the “’Cliff Notes” version of this particularly horrifying and public decision.
It drives me crazy when I read about somebody, especially a young somebody, has to make such a choice. I keep wondering when we will make a breakthrough in the treatment of GBM instead of minor, several month extensions of life expectancy.

In the meantime, I invite to read the People magazine article, Ms. Maynard’s thoughtful decision and her family’s heartfelt reaction … and be sure to watch the video which makes all these words I write seem so trite and shallow:

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