Friday, December 16, 2011

My pre-surgery Kuma's

Last month I had thyroid surgery for possible thyroid cancer.  The mass was benign, so all was good.  At the same time, the day before the surgery reminded me of the day before my craniotomy last year (November 2010).

The day before a surgery is a funny day. You try not to think about it, yet you are.

The day before my craniotomy, my son decided to keep me company that day.  Physically, he looks like the middle-distance runner he was in high school – a “tall drink of water” with muscles in all the right places.  And, like me, food is never far from his thoughts.

So, after a morning’s spin class at the gym, He offered to take me to what is reputed to be the best burger joint in the Chicago area, Kuma’s. To get a feel for the place, read the unapologetic home page of their website -

I can only describe the place as a head-bangers bar-cum-restaurant. It’s the kind of place where sandwiches have names like “Black Sabbath”, “Slayer”, and “Iron Maiden.” When I looked at the crowd, I got the feeling that the place had a three-tattoo minimum…so I was rather surprised when they let me in.

The burgers were delicious.

They were also large. When I say large, I mean large for a steel worker, large for a professional football player, large for a Japanese family of four.  I felt full after the first three bites.  Not wanting to embarrass myself in front of my son, I kept at it.  Bite by bite I’d murmur things like “Mmmm good”, “don’t want to rush this” and “oh, momma.”

We waddled out of the restaurant mid-afternoon and I was ready to go to sleep.  It was the heaviest meal and the most meat that I could ever remember eating.

And, yes, it did take my mind off the surgery.

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