Monday, December 12, 2011

Who’s really sick? The fake cancer blogger

I never knew how many friends I had until I had a brain tumor. People called. Folks sent kind emails. Friends brought over massive amounts of food (five different kinds of chili). And friends watched me during my first few tentative days home from the hospital after my initial brain surgery (craniotomy) when I needed watching (and my wife had to go to work).

This included church friends, business friends, friend friends and family.  They all wanted to help, offered help and really did help.

The result was that I felt that somebody was feeding me really powerful emotional soup for the soul – soup packed with open and honest feelings of love, support, faith, caring and interest.

It was really, really powerful soup.

I suspect that the fake cancer blogger wanted to taste that soup.

What fake blogger? 

If you haven’t heard, a blogger was faking cancer and sending updates on her supposed health declines to Kalin Marie of the “Cancer is Hilarious” blog -  Kalin was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. Kalin, who’s had a very, very tough time, was helping guide this faker through her medications, etc.

This is really wrong.

I feel like this cancer victim pretender wanted all the benefits of cancer – love and attention – without any of the pain and suffering.  This sounds to me like somebody who doesn’t have friends and family that would support them if they really were sick.

But I could be wrong.  The motivation would be much darker. It could also be somebody who loves to prey on the emotions of other – someone who enjoys getting others to relive their darkest days; said differently, an emotional vampire. 

I thought (hoped?) that this might be a isolated incident...boy, was I wrong.  Kalin lists links to a variety of cancer fakers...which I find utterly depressing. 

I just hope that Kalin continues her blog, continues to heal and continues to put this piece of nastiness behind her.

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