Friday, February 3, 2012

Glioma at 4 Days Old

I just find this painful.  Today’s Chicago Tribune has a front page story about Matthew, an infant who was born with relatively large Glioma brain tumor.

The story goes on to categorize the tumor as a rare “high-grade glioma which is most diagnosed in adults…” In the brain tumor world, high grades are, in fact, low grades in terms of health.  High grade tumors are aggressive and invasive and dangerous. If you’re interested in learning more, the ABTA site – – always has good info. 

Brain tumors of this ilk are rare; according to the article “only about five children nationally are born with such a rare, usually fatal condition each year.”

His Dad asked a special a great question “Is Matthew dying? Was he born dying?” The answer, which seems to defy all odds, was “no”. According to the oncologist, “…Matthew’s organs were functioning normally and, aside from the malignant tumor, he was healthy.”

I’ve reread that sentence a couple of times and it still doesn’t make sense to me. It’s sorta like saying aside from that hatchet sticking out of the top your head, you’re fine.

For some strange reason this also reminds me of the mope that shot himself in the head with a nail gun.  He screws up and nothing happens to him. This poor couple and infant do nothing to nobody and get whacked with a glioma.

Is there hope? A bit, given the rest of his body’s relative health they’re going to start chemo. All I know about chemo is that it’s a rough, rough rode with no assurances.  For a great blog about surviving chemo check out early postings on “Cancer is Hilarious…terminally illin’” from Kalyn Marie:

The Chicago Tribune not only has a pretty comprehensive article but it also has a touching video interview with a brave Mom and Dad. Give it a look:,0,3325094.story

I don’t know the couple and I have no idea what I would say to them if I did know them.  All I know is that if this doesn’t pull at your heart strings hire a detective, because you’ve lost your heart.

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