Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brewster Rockit Space Guy: No Zach Fan

If your local paper doesn’t carry it, here’s today’s Brester Rockit Space Guy comic strip.

I have several somewhat conflicting thoughts about today’s Brewster Rockit comic strip.

The first reaction is I wish that the joke was funnier.  I mean if you’re going to make fun of somebody, like me, who’s been brain-damaged, at least make me laugh.

Another reaction is a reminder that being brain-damaged is one of the worst things that people can imagine happening to somebody.  You get the feeling that Tim Rickard expects folks who have been brain-damaged to be sitting in a corner with spittle running down their cheek and humming to themselves in some incomprehensible way.

And here’s the slap in the face, some brain-damaged victims really do have severely compromised physical coordination, and communication and cognitive skills. Having recently spoke to an Aphasia support group, I saw a small sample of that first-hand.

When friends, old business associates and relatives learn that I’ve had a brain tumor they expect you to have lost something – your wits, your memory, your personality. Being brain-damaged is a smear that’s just plain hard to wash off.

And, guess what, sometimes they’re right.  I keep reading brain tumor blogs and books that talk about brain tumor victims that have severe personality changes…and the personality changes are never good. Maybe it’s just been sensationalized, but I remember reading about brain tumor victims who’ve become self-absorbed at best or criminals at worst.

Somehow, recovering from a brain tumor and sliding back into your old job just isn’t newsworthy or interesting.

The reaction I don’t have is outrage. I can’t work up the emotion to turn this into a politically-correct rant. I understand why Tim Pickard would make fun of the thought of being brain-damaged. I can even understand why somebody would find it funny.  It’s just that I don’t find this particular strip funny.

On the other hand, is Mr. Pickard is a Zach Lederer fan? I’m guessing he isn’t.

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