Thursday, April 26, 2012

“Living in Aluminum” – No, not my prosthetic skull

I was recently listening to Antsy McClain’s excellent song, Living in Aluminum which has some lyrics that resonated with me, and I thought you they might resonate with you, too. Here’s the first couple of lines:

There’s a lot to be said about contentment; some folks never get enough.
Let me ask you honey, which is better? A mansion full of money, or a trailer full of love?

There’s a lot to be said about acceptance; liking who you are and having peace of mind.
The secret’s being happy with your lot in life, baby, And I’m pretty happy here in lot number nine.”

Now for Antsy, “The message of this song, I hope, rings loud enough to be heard over the catchy music and driving rhythm. It was written about the trap of materialism, and how I needed to focus on more important things in life.”

Unlike Antsy, I keep hearing the lines about “contentment” and “liking who you are and having peace of mind.” To me, those lines are good reminders that even though I’m not who I was prior to having a brain tumor, I should really focus on "being happy with my lot in life."

For me, that isn’t always easy…but it’s sure easier when I listen to Antsy sing it. While I prefer the studio version, here’s his version. (Don’t listen to it twice or you’ll be humming it all day long).

And, to be clear, my prosthetic insert is made of the finest grade of plastic we could afford

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