Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ABTA: Patient & Family Conference 2012 – Program Agenda

If you haven’t seen it, the American Brain Tumor Associations annual “Patient & Family” conference program is posted at http://hope.abta.org/site/DocServer/2012_patient-family_conference_program_final_4.5.2012.pdf?docID=8521
I’ve read the conference agenda and it looks pretty comprehensive with everything from “Ask the Expert Panel: Quality of Life Issues in Brain Tumor Treatment & Care” to “Meningiomas , Pituitary and other benign tumors: Update in treatment, care and “watch and wait” to “Inoperable brain tumors: Update in treatment & care”.

Since my sister is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I’m going to be attending the “Do complementary therapies work? Herbs, acupuncture, and others” breakout session and probably some of the “Healthy eating when you have a brain tumor” sessions.

FULL DISCLOSURE WARNING: Yes, against all odds I will be presenting as part of the survivors panel at 10 am on Sunday morning, July 29th

BTW, the “registration” button you see above doesn’t work – I hope you aren’t honked off at me.  You can register here: https://secure2.convio.net/abta/site/TRR/ABTAEvent/ConnectionsMeetingandRetreat/951518800?pg=ptype&fr_id=2380

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