Friday, September 6, 2013

It’s Just, Social Security Disability, Glamour Magazine & Investigation Discovery

Phew! That’s a long headline. But if you missed my previous blog about benign brain tumors and social security disability, here’s a link to a very similar article posted by the wonderful Beth Rosenthal of –

You have to join her website to read the article. A year’s subscription costs a princely $15. A lifetime subscription costs $40.  I’ve subscribed and love the community, the information and the member resources.
I also hope you will join me in nominating her as “An Everyday Hero.” It’s a contest sponsored by Glamour magazine and Investigation Discovery. Here’s the link: I just learned that the contest deadline is September 8th, so please send something in asap.

Image credit: <a href=''>zimmytws / 123RF Stock Photo</a>


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