Friday, September 13, 2013

“Surgery,” “resection,” “operation,” “brain operation” or “brain surgery”

Do those words scare the snot outa you? They scared the snot outa me. If your neurosurgeon just used these words in a conversation with you, or about a loved one, you might have had the snot scared out of you, too.

I wished I could have viewed this upcoming ABTA webinar prior to my surgery. I love the idea of sitting in the safety of your own home and lobbying in some questions about procedures, risks and recovery issues. The upcoming ABTA webinar  - entitled “Updates in Surgery & Surgical Techniques for Brain Tumor Patients” - sounds like it'll give you opportunities to do all of that and more.  

Here’s how their website - - describes it: 

“Whether you use the word “surgery,” “resection,” “operation,” “brain operation” or “brain surgery,” surgery is usually the first step in treating most benign and many malignant tumors. It is often the preferred treatment when a tumor can be removed without unnecessary risk of neurological damage.  This webinar will discuss new imaging technologies, mapping and planning systems, navigational tools, and imaging devices used during surgery.  Presented by Ryan Barrett, DO, FACOS. Dr. Barrett is the Program Director for Neurosurgery Residency at Providence Hospital and Medical Centers. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.”

Here’s a link to the registration page:

PS - Yes, I am and Spartan and “no” that didn’t have anything (Ok, not much) to do with this posting.

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