Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SharpBrains Webinar: The Digital Brain Health & Training Market in 2014

This whole subject of brain tumors, being brain damaged and collateral damage from radiation/chemo begs the question of “Ok, what do I do about this?”

A smart, well-reasoned and rational response is to learn all you can about rebuilding or augmenting your cognitive abilities. Obviously that wasn’t my first reaction to having a brain tumor, but I wasn’t being smart, well-reasoned or rational. (If for some strange reason you want to learn more, go to

If you want to learn more about the Digital Brian Health Marketplace, a great place to start is with the upcoming SharpBrains webinar.

Here’s there promo blurb: “Join this upcoming webinar, to be held during Brain Awareness Week 2014,  to discuss the latest market data and news in the digital brain health and brain training space, including Rosetta Stone’s acquisition of Vivity Labs (developer of Fit Brains mobile cognitive games), Bayer's global partnership with CogniFit (to improve care for patients with Multiple Sclerosis by combining drugs and cognitive training), and upcoming offerings by InteraXon (brain-sensing headband and app) and Cogniciti (online cognitive health self-assessment).”

WARNING: The webinar costs $95 for early admission (and goes up from there). I suspect that it is pretty highly quality because they won’t kick-back a dime to me.

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