Friday, February 28, 2014

“Secret gifts brighten Wheaton boy's battle against cancer”

“True charity is anonymous” – I vividly remember this quote of Major Charles Emerson Winchester III- in a poignant episode from the old MASH TV series.

It’s one thing to remember it and another to live it, to embody it, to do it. A nicely written article by Quan Truong in today’s Chicago Tribune tells of somebody, some amazing “secret pal who has deftly and secretly given numerous gifts to a young child with GBM and his family.  These two paragraphs tell you everything you need to know:

“Over 14 months, Dylan's secret pal sent more than a dozen packages for the boy and, often, for his three siblings and parents. They frequently appeared after Dylan's “really bad days” and tough chemotherapy treatments, Laurie Full said.

Packages would show up outside the front door, sometimes arriving when the family was at home, but never with any trace of the source's identity, other than the signature 'Dylan's Secret Pal.'"

If this thought makes you smile, makes your heart beat a bit faster or makes you want to learn more, click on this link:,0,5617729.story

If not, as I have said in the past, quickly check yourself into an emergency room because your ticker has stopped ticking.


PS – Be sure to click on the link to the Tribune’s video about Dylin and his Mom.

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