Monday, February 10, 2014

“Top 10 things a caregiver needs to do for newly diagnosed GBM patient”

This is a recent post from the ABTA Inspire website that is so instructive and practical and understanding that I just had to repost the essence. Here’s the “top ten”. Please follow the link for details.

  1. “realize that it is going to be hard - physically, emotionally on YOU, not just the patient
  2. create contingency plans as soon as possible
  3. understand your insurance benefits
  4. determine what facilities you will use, if you have to - make decisions before you are in a crisis - what hospitals, rehab facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and funeral homes will you use if needed
  5. get educated on how to make your home accessible for a disabled person and the related costs
  6. get educated on financial and other help that is available
  7. it is hard to manage all of the insurance paperwork & medical bill
  8. accept the help that other can offer
  9. understand your patients wishes for care while alive and for the funeral, etc
  10. each out for help”
Image credit: <a href=''>timbrk / 123RF Stock Photo</a>