Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Bad Growth Trend: Brain Tumors +12% Since 2004

While I love writing about nifty new techniques for combating brain tumors, the sad fact is that there are 12% more brain tumors now than in 2004:

Some of this, of course, is due to population growth. However, the same NBTS posting reports that the “prevalence” of primary brain tumors has increased 6%. (Actually, I figured that % out using my confuser, err computer.)

In case you’re wondering what a "primary" brain tumor is, the National Brain Tumor Society website clarified this for me noting that “Primary brain and CNS tumors originate in the brain or spinal cord, as opposed to metastatic tumors that originate elsewhere and spread to the brain or spinal cord.”

Somehow the idea that other parts of our body can throw tumors upstairs into our brains is particularly unsettling.

Yesterday I met with a traumatic brain tumor rehab specialist who said that in his hospitals he feels like they’re not getting 2-3 new brain tumor cases a week as opposed to several years ago when they had far fewer new patients.

And here’s another sobering fact. According to the same NBTS posting “Brain tumors are most commonly treated by surgery, followed by radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both. Little progress has been made in finding new treatments the past two decades.”

Little progress? Arghhh! 


PS - Yes, I know the body doesn't literally "throw" tumors "up" into our head...they take the escalator like everything else.

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