Monday, May 20, 2013

Samantha Kittle: A Beautiful Badass Brain Tumor Blogger

I feel like I need to spell out some rules for my Beautiful Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Blogger (BBABTB ) list.

First, they’ve had to have had a brain tumor. And, usually, they are still battling a brain tumor/its horrific consequences. Unfortunately, this leaves a whole lot of candidates.

Secondly, they have to be beautiful. While physical beauty won’t disqualify anybody, I’m particularly interested in spiritual beauty - an inner beauty that glows so fiercely it just pours out of their writing and thoughts and observations. These are women who can be beautiful in spite of losing their hair, wearing a dorky hospital gown or being in the middle of an endless series of chemo treatments.

Next, they blog often and honestly and unrepentantly. They write about inner feelings that most guys will never admit to. Their postings make you feel like you’re their best friend and they’re talking to you over a cup of black coffee the first thing in the morning.

They also swear a lot. I've read posts that'd take paint off a battleship.

Lastly, and most subjectively, they have to be a Badass. Now there is not universal agreement as to the definition of a Badass. The Urban Dictionary has a whole series of definitions - – but all of them seem to describe Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

For me, somebody who is Badass has a sardonic, almost aggressive and what-the-hell mash-up of attitudes towards their disease, their work life and their personal life.

Ms. Samantha Kittle - - is one such BBABTB.


PS - Right now she’s running a “best of” series of blog postings. The postings are sad, insightful, educational, frightening, laugh-out-loud funny, and brutally honest. Don’t miss them, because she is one Beautiful, Badass, Brain Tumor Blogger.

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