Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

This is always an interesting event, and it seems to get bigger and more popular each year:  It’s also ambitious. Here’s a few of the Summit’s session topics:

How can we harness the Human Brain Project to maximize its future health and well-being benefits?
Digital Health meets Brain Health.
How can organizations maximize the resilience and productivity of their human resources?
What is the future of personal brain health?

What I like about the Virtual Summit:
-It’s virtual. You can attend in your pajamas and watching your laptop screen.
-It’s got provocative subjects. That bit about harnessing the “Human Brain Project” makes me think that this is a bit like the human genome project.
-It’s got great speakers:  At the same time, folks like Dharma Singh Khalsa, Pres¬i¬dent of the Alzheimer’s Research and Pre¬ven-tion Foundation are included which I like because I believe we need to think laterally and creatively about brain issues and solutions.

To be clear, this is an “industry” issue, and probably isn’t very consumer/patient-friendly. It’s also a bit pricey: at $545.00 I can’t afford to attend. If you do attend, please let me know if you liked it.

PS – If you don’t think brain training has gone mainstream, read this quote from Tom Warden of Allstate posted on the Summit’s site: “”… we see the opportunity that cognitive training provides as just the next evolution of things that we can advocate and get behind that ultimately make for a better driving experience, a safer driving experience for people. Not only for our insureds, but to help the roads be safer for everyone.”

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